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We help children in need.


There are over 5 million underprivileged children in Thailand, and 160,000 of them are living in rural areas without any opportunity for an education. We aim to help Thailand’s children in need by providing them with educational opportunities and improving their overall living standards.


Please see our past projects and support us in our mission to change these children’s lives.


How it all started


After 25 years of successful business, Martin Haeberli, a Swiss businessman, founded a charity organization dedicated to his second home, Thailand.

Within a few years, The Diamond Elephant Foundation had run multiple charity projects focusing mainly on education, healthcare, hygienic living conditions, improved security and providing children in need with promising future opportunities.



“Our mission is to provide much needed help, hope and opportunities to abused, neglected, sick and orphaned children across Thailand through donations that will offer education, scholarship opportunities and improved school and housing infrastructures to guarantee a better quality of life.”


– Mr. Martin Haeberli
Diamond Elephant Foundation President



Board Committe



A charity hub




We are consist of young people and volunteers from many sectors including, teachers,  engineers and expatriate businessman.

We are growing by joining with other charity groups and projects. Each time we gained, charity alliances, volunteers or even sponsor for the next charity projects. A snowball of charity is continuously growing.

We are profoundly glad to see such a good community with positive thoughts of sharing, helping and do more for children who in need.





Words from our charity partners




“Sawasdee Ka, My name is Vachareeya Veerakham, a teacher of Thung Hiang Pittayakom. Students call me Kru Zing.

After school work, I helped and took care of 300 children at Wat Thung Hiang. They are all hill tribes children which came from extremely poor family in remote village of Thailand.


More than 30 years, we used the firewood stoves for rice cooking. Because we don’t have money to buy the gas rice cookers and we have high expenses in taking care of children. The firewood stoves caused many problems for health and respiration. Sooth and ash are cover all over the room and impossible to clean. Besides, the cooked rice were mostly unsatisfiable. Either too raw or burnt rice and the taste were terrible. 

Diamond Elephant Foundation contributed the new rice cooking station. The results are delicious rice, clean, harmless for health and better nutrition. Thank you for all of your helps and support for these hill tribes children.”


Foundation Establishment Certificate

Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter renovation and construction project fund bar

The construction and renovation of the Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter is a large project and will require a significant amount of funding. Please support and donate to our foundation to carry on this project for these children.

5,036,000 ฿




5,036,000 ฿