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WAT THUNG HIANG Children shelter renovation and Construction



Over 30 years ago, the Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter, located in Chonburi, was established under the kindness of Monsignor Phra Mongkol Moli Wi. The Abbot of Wat Thung Hiang has provided a safe home to many underprivileged children, including those from the Hmong and Karen minorities, offering them meals, clothing and school supplies as well as teachings under the Buddhist guidelines.   



Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter is currently in a dilapidated state due to the normal wear and tear of the 30 years that have passed without any renovations being carried out due to a lack of funding. Consequently, the children are currently living in extremely unhealthy and unhygienic conditions and require urgent assistance.



To improve their living standards, last year The Diamond Elephant Foundation provided the Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter with gas stoves for cooking, blankets, mattresses and mosquito nets.


The Diamond Elephant Foundation has already carried out the planning of the construction and renovation of the bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, learning and recreational spaces, outdoor sports field, and drainage and flood prevention systems.



Details on the construction and renovation of the Boy’s Dormitory:


  • A large indoor bathroom with 18 shower sets and toilets


  • Two large shared bedrooms (18 boys per room) for children in early childhood and six medium shared bedrooms for children in primary level (8 boys per room)  


  • A nursery room and a teacher’s room A drainage and flood prevention system


  • Demolishment and renovation of the dilapidated bathrooms Construction of a learning and recreational space


  • Construction of an outdoor sports field


  • Renovations of all buildings to meet with the Safety Standard and Standard of Social Welfare



Planning for the renovations were performed under the principles of:

  • Civil engineering safety


  • Standard of Social Welfare For Children and Youth, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security


  • Regulations on resident buildings under the Dormitory Act: BE 2558



The Diamond Elephant Foundation conducted price comparisons from 3 contractors.


After thorough comparisons, it was decided to award this project to the J.A.Z. Design and Construction Company Limited who very generously donated 134,366 THB worth of construction and renovations, bringing the 5,234,266 THB baht quote to a final 5,100,000THB.




From absolute commitment to improving the lives of underprivileged children, to total transparency with funds and management, The Diamond Elephant Foundation guarantees that 100% of all donations will go to helping these children in need.


Expected Results



  • It is our aim that the children living at the Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter have vastly improved living conditions which lead to improved health and hygiene, a major reduction in illness, skin diseases and communicable diseases


  • Through improving the children’s living conditions and learning and recreational spaces, we anticipate that significant improvements in education and learning achievements will also be made


  • Accident rates are also expected to greatly decrease due to the implementation of more safety measures, better hygiene and an overall better living standard