09:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Baan Boon Ler Noi School Renovation Project


From February 16th – 20th, 2019, The Diamond Elephant Foundation and the Kon Aud Dee Volunteer Club, which consists of ESSO PLC staff and FLS 1993 (Thaialnd) staff and volunteers, joined a renovation project for the Ban Boon Ler Noi School in Mae Hong Son, Thailand.


The school building had only a tin roof and tile floor, with no walls except for canvases for protection from the rain and no partition to separate the two classrooms. Teaching and learning at the school was incredibly difficult.


Together, the team built walls to protect the classroom and the children from strong sun and heavy rain and built walls to separate the two classrooms so that the classes would not disturb each other and the children and teachers would be able to concentrate without distractions.


 In addition, we improved their solar power system as it was old and no longer in use and the children had insufficient lighting for their learning.


During the 4 days spent there during the renovations, we set up many recreational programs for the kids and surrounding community that included fun games, self-sufficient guidance, clothing and toy distribution, an educational fund and dried food for villagers in the community.