09:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Blankets From The Heart



Most children at the Wat Thung Hiang Children’s Shelter come from poor families in remote villages in Thailand. They first arrived at the shelter with few personal items, some having only 2 or 3 items of clothing.


In the winter, even though Thailand’s temperatures don’t drop very low, the children are in need of warmer clothing and blankets. The mattresses that they slept on were extremely old, dirty and torn. Many of the children found themselves having to sleep on cold, concrete floors and were often getting sick.


The Diamond Elephant Foundation and FLS 1993 (Thailand) Co., Ltd. donated 150 sets of blankets and foldable mattresses with a value of of 50,000THB, delivered to the shelter by V Prompt Group Co., Ltd.

With new blankets and new mattresses, the children now sleep well and are warm during the colder months which leads to better health and general well being as well.


The Diamond Elephant Foundation plans to renovate the whole dormitory and provide the shelter with bunk beds to maximize the use of the space that they have and to provide an overall better atmosphere for their wellbeing and growth.