09:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Fighting Dengue Fever



Chonburi province has the highest rates of dengue fever in all of Thailand.


Over the last 3 weeks, many children in this area contacted dengue fever and our children in Wat Thung Hiang were also affected by this outbreak.


It is hard to believe, that over the thirty years that this shelter has been operating, the children have never had mosquito nets to use.


Diamond Elephant Foundation and FLS 1993 (Thailand) Co., Ltd. cooperated in providing 75 mosquito tents of 5 and 6-foot size, directly donated to Luang Phu Boon, the abbot of Wat Thung Hiang.


The Diamond elephant foundation also plans to coordinate with the municipality to fumigate the shelter and surrounding vicinity, to reduce the number of mosquitos in the area. A local elementary school will assist the children at Wat Thung Hiang to clean up the shelter and eliminate any possible mosquito habitats.


In the near future, The Diamond Elephant Foundation will renovate the shelter and install more mosquito nets to protect the children and eliminate the risk of contracting dengue fever.