09:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Rice Cooker Kitchen Renovation


For over 30 years, Wat Thung Hiang in Chonburi, has adopted and taken care of 200 minority children as well as novice monks from remote villages and has provided them with a home and education for a brighter future.


In order to feed all of these children, the shelter used firewood stoves, which were time and energy consuming and also proved to be a health risk due to all of the sooth and ash that would cover the surrounding rooms because of them. The old firewood kitchen was located under the building and had very poor ventilation, causing respiratory problems for the monk who would cook the food everyday.

The rice cooked on these stoves was also often burnt or too raw due to the uncontrollable heat from fire. The rice at the top of the pot was often too raw while the rice at the bottom would begin to burn which made it difficult to provide healthy meals for the children.

The Diamond Elephant Foundation coordinated with FLS 1993 (Thailand) Co., Ltd. To provide 4 automatic gas rice cookers and renovate the cooking area to meet with safety and hygiene standards. The Diamond Elephant Foundation also covers all monthly gas bills as well as any maintenance on the kitchen and rice cookers.


The results are an overall healthier environment for the children and monks, a safer space for those preparing the food and much more delicious and nutritious meals for the children and monks.


One year later, the Abbot has reported that the children are healthier and happier with this new kitchen and are continuing to put on weight thanks to better nutrition and better tasting food.