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Clothes For Kids


The colder winter months in the North of Thailand can drop to around 5 degrees Celsius or even lower. During these months, the poor communities are in desperate need of warm clothing. With many families living in very poor conditions, with no electricity and only a firewood stove for heating, warm clothing is very important.

Problems and causes
Because of their poverty, it is difficult for these children to have access to a warm home or clothing and many of them end up catching colds, the flu or other illnesses that include respiratory infections.

Project overview
The Diamond Elephant Foundation gathered many warm items of clothing through a charity drive in April 2019. We were very pleasantly surprised when we gained more than 400 kilos of children’s clothing within a space of just 3 weeks.


We will take the clothes to the Ban Ticha School and Huay Kong Mool School in Sob Moei, Mae Hong Son after the rainy season is over, later in the year, to donate the clothes to the children in need before the winter months come. We will also be donating educational supplies, printers and dried packaged food.

A very big thank you to everyone for your generous donations to the children. Together we can help build brighter futures for those in need.