09:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Wat Cham Kwang Classroom Renovation


Over the 30 years that the school has been in operation, the wooden floors and classrooms have been destroyed by time and termites. The children were eventually forced to abandon the building and move to a different one, which was too small and didn’t have enough classrooms.

Due to the small number of students, the budget per student was not sufficient to repair and renovate these decayed classrooms. Children waited for 2 years for their classroom to be repaired so that they could use it again.

The Diamond Elephant Foundation, FLS 1993 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and a group of volunteers from Chom Rom Khon Aud Dee, inspected the school and decided to renovate the wooden building and return it to use. They carried out the renovations on the 31st of November and 1st of December 2019.


During the renovations, we repaired the wooden floor and built new walls for 5 classrooms. All wooden structures in the school were repaired and protected with termite preventative solutions.


We also installed mosquito nets and air-conditioning in the kindergarten room for children to take their afternoon naps.

The children at the school now have their classroom back, a new science room, a sound laboratory and a big meeting room for all-purpose indoor use.

For all of this, a big thank you to FLS 1993 (Thailand) Co., Ltd., volunteers from Kon Aud Dee group and civil volunteers from many groups for making this renovation a success and for helping the children and Wat Cham Kwang School.