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New boy living & bedroom


The bedroom in the boys dormitory of the Wat Thung Hiang children’s shelter was dilapidated after many years of use without renovations or proper upkeep.

The room which was used as a bedroom was just a simple, empty room with old fans and broken windows, which meant that the children were vulnerable to mosquitos and other insects. On top of this, the recent drought in Thailand meant that the weather has been even hotter than usual and the bedroom would feel humid and stiflingly hot by the end of a hot, sunny day and the children were not able to get a good night’s sleep.

Because of the situation of the room, the children would find themselves being bitten by mosquitoes all night long, and even though the nocturnal mosquitoes do not carry dengue, the mosquitoes biting the children all night long and keeping them awake meant that they would then be tired during class the next day, unable to make the most of their education.

The Diamond Elephant Foundation renovated this bedroom by installing a proper ceiling and fixing any cracks in the walls and by replacing all of the broken windows, ensuring that the children have a safe environment to sleep in, protected from insects, the heat and other weather elements.

The project is currently at 90% completion, we are only awaiting the installation of some air conditioners that were generously donated to the children.

This renovation was carried out through our donation of 65,302THB to the Buddhist School of What Thing Hiang.

The Diamond Elephant Foundation would like to thank Mr. Martin Haeberli, our president who has dedicated his time and has generously donated and supported many charity projects for children and communities in need.

We are dedicated to continuing with our mission to help improve the lives of children in need and help them get the opportunities and educations that they deserve.

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